Monday, April 20, 2009

Blogs are Essential, Interactive Tools of Online Promotions

News Flash!

Did You Know That Business Blogs are the Most Cost-Effective Way

to Promote Your Business?

Internet use is changing drastically. The days of intrusive marketing have been replaced by, value added web content, as a way to attract potential customers. Internet savvy, knowledgeable viewers, respond better to a softer sell and a more interactive approach. A Business Blog is the perfect interactive platform, to share expertise, and connect with potential clients.

What Can a Business Blog Do for You?

1. Promotion With Business Blogs Creates More Page Views,

More Potential Customers

2. Blog Posts are Keyword Heavy to Reach Targeted Audiences, & Improve

Your Conversion Rates Tenfold

3. The Most Cost Effective Way To Get Customer Surveys and Other

FeedbackVia UserInteraction

4. Blogging is a Low-Cost Alternative to Having a Web Presence

What is a Blog Exactly?

Web-log, or blog in its original conception was a form of online diary. People wishing to share their personal lives, could easily publish online blogs with free softwares and a few clicks. What many predicted to be a mere trend, has evolved into a powerful business application, the Business Blog. Read on to find out how Business Blogs can help you reach more potential customers.

What is the Difference Between a Website and a Blog?

A lot! It’s the difference between people “window shopping” on your site, vs. making a purchase, and giving you feedback about your offerings. I am a strong advocate of using blogs as a means of business promotion. Not only because I make my living by writing blog content, but also because 80 percent of my own promotion is through the successful use of a blog. Simply put, it works...when you know how to do it right!

In technical terms, Websites use static pages, that are updated when you make a change in your webmaster account. Blogs use real-time syndication, and update themselves automatically once you post a new entry. This is important, because search engine robots use most recent dates, as one of the criterias to determine your page relevance, hence your website’s ranking when people do a Google search. Blogs are also interactive, allowing your readers to instantly comment on your post, e-mail it to others, or bookmark it in any social bookmarker like Delicious. The potential to reach viewers becomes endless, with the many tools and plug-ins blogs offer.

How a Blog Can Be a Promotional Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

If you get a lot of mail to your webmaster account, you can post the common questions up on a blog. This will provide your customers a place to go to see questions and answers, and as new questions come in, you can post them to help more people.


If you do promotions every week, you can use a blog to highlight them.


Daily contests and games are a great promo in a blog. They are fun, and bring your customers back.

What's New Pages

If you add lots of new articles, information, or products regularly, sometimes it can be difficult for your customers to find out what's new. A quick blog entry can show them what's updated on your site.

What's Coming

Test the waters before you jump into any new product development, with the use of comment features. You can use a blog to peak interest in future products or projects. It's also a great way to keep notes about what you're doing in the community, new event your company is participating in.

Photo Blog

Rather than writing, you could put up a daily photo for your customers. A photo and a short description can be very compelling. Search engines will adore you.


The most common use for business blogs is news, usually about the specific topic relevant to the company.

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