Sunday, December 27, 2009

Professional Writers Get You Results -Anybody can write. But not everyone should

How much do you charge for writing content?

I do more than just content writing. All my work is custom researched and keyword specific based on your needs. For this reason, it is very hard to post specific prices. I also provide promotion for the material I write, via ezine articling and other venues. My freelance web-content writing service, aka “ghost-writing”—allows you to retain copyright, and to promote the content with your own embedded links, leading back to your Web Site. For a free, personalized quote Contact Edina.

What can I expect from you?

“Dedication: I give everything to the task at hand”

Why is hiring a professional cost effective?

Tailor made articles and blog posts, are essential to the success of driving targeted audiences to your Website. You may have seen “article farms” that offer 300-500 word articles from as low as ten dollars. While it may seem like a good deal, it is NOT. The same article you are paying ten dollars for, will be sold to many other clients. Why should you care?

Identical content is penalized by search engines as spam, and can get you black listed.

....”but I know how to write, I don’t need to pay for it”

You would be surprised at how many of my professional clients, who are awesome at writing, still retain me despite this fact. It’s simply not cost effective to do it yourself. With an annual income of $60,000.....a low example for professionals, your time is worth $250 per day. With your busy schedule, finding time to do background and keyword research is not easy. What a professional writer can do in one day, would likely take you several late nights. It makes more sense to spend your time doing what you are good at, making money.

Hire me instead, for a fraction of the cost!

When you hire me for a writing job, you can expect to receive unique, original content, which does NOT appear anywhere else on the internet. Here is how I personalize each client’s article, according to their unique needs.

1) A Free Consultation- we look at what you hope to accomplish and how.

2) Background Research: Once we have a strategy in place, and I know the topic you wish me to write about, I do the background research for the article. Let us assume your product is home made soaps. I would than research: What kinds of home made soaps are sold online? Who buys home made soaps? What other websites do these buyers visit regularly? Where is a person most likely to search for information about home made soaps?

3) Keyword Research: This is one of the most critical steps in writing for the internet. During the background research, I will draft up a long list of keywords that is specific to your topic. While all the keywords are relevant, not all are competitive. Based on keyword popularity results, I look for general niche keyword phrases-with less than 500,000 competitors and the highest search volume. This critical process is what gets you noticed in search engine listings, and increases your chances of ranking high.

If your web-pages are not ranked in the top ten, you will get little traffic from search engines.

To find out how articles can help you get noticed by targeted audiences, Contact Edina

Edina Hodos is a Professional Web Content Writer and Researcher. Her online publication as Volunteer Expert, appears on , in the category of >>Internet Technologies>>Internet Media. Contact Edina for a quote. Professional Profile on LinkedIn

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