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Online Casino-How to Segment and Find Your Customers.

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Subject: Online Casino-How to segment and find your customers.

Question: My company is in the process of revamping our website. We wish to cater to a new demographics of males, who play online casino. Can you give us some suggestion on:
1. How to segment this kind of market to more specifics
2. How to reach these people
3. Which method is best in your opinion?

Thanks for your time


Answer: by Edina, LinkedIn-Professional Profile

Research I have come across seems to suggest that online casinos have a slightly higher than half, female users. A segment that should not be ignored.

Segmenting can be done in various ways. Benchmarking yourself to industry leaders is a good way to start your segmenting. Here are a few numbers to show you what kind of customers InterCasino.com has, your direct competition.

*Source: www.alexa.com

•Intercasino.com has a traffic rank of: 54,431 ( 6,127)
•Speed: Fast (75% of sites are slower), Avg Load Time: 1.3 Seconds
•Other sites that link to this site: 1,724

Intercasino.com users come from these countries:
France 34.0%
Germany 15.4%
Canada 11.2%
United States 7.2%
Denmark 4.4%

42% Male,
58% Female

Age of Users:
16% 12-17 year olds
25% 18-34
38% 35-49
29% 50 +

Family Size
66% No kids 12-17
9% Has Kids 0-2
18% Has Kids 12-17

Income Levels (this may supprise you!)
23% $0-30K
29% $30-60K
26% $60-100K
22% $100K +

Education Levels
52% No College
12% Graduate School

I would recommend finding at least another 3 competitors to get a more rounded picture.

Segmenting by markets is another way to zero in on your audience.

Understanding Market Segmentation
Market Segmentation : dividing your prospects into smaller sets of prospects who share certain characteristics, takes many different forms. Select the one that best fits your business. For your online marketing plan you need to locate the various sites on the web where your target audiences hang out. You need to know who they are!

Here are a few forms of market segmentation:

1-Demographic Segmentation: Sorts by age, gender, socioeconomic status, or education for B2C companies.

2-Lifecycle Segmentation: Acknowledges that consumers need different products at different stages of their life (teens, young singles, married couples, families with kids, empty nesters, active retirees, frail elderly)

3-Geographic Segmentation: Targets areas. Postal Code >City>Province> National>International

4-Vertical Industry Segmentation: Targets all elements within a defined industry as a B2B strategy.

5-Job Segmentation: Identifies different decision makers (such as engineers, purchasing agents, and managers) at specific point of the B2B sales cycle.

6-Specialty Segmentation: Targets a narrowly defined market ( such as 16-35 year old male owners of classic Mustangs)

Your online target audience may differ slightly from your offline audience. It might be more geographically diverse, wealthier, older, younger, more educated, more motivated by price than features or vice versa. The only way to discover these variations is from experience. Use the guerrilla tactic (one aim, or segment at a time).

Two reasons you should focus on one segment at a time,
1. It is cheaper and more manageable to take on one segment at a time
2. It allows for controlled evaluation, and as you add new segments each will be measurable individually.

Once you have a specific idea of who you are trying to reach, think of the places they would visit on the net. That is where you should develop a stronger presence. Lets look at the case of Intercasino. Their main audience is women with ages 35-50, with less than college education with kids in the teen years or out of the home, and an income of 30-40K. Chances are you may find these people on sites like hobby pages, shopping sites (if they have disposable income to play online casino,they will likely be shoppers as well)

If you are still stuck for ideas try using www.linkpopularity.com which will show you all the incoming links to your competitor's website. Take a look at who they are linked to and visit these sites. Do these sites have the same audience as your target market? If they do, consider advertising with them.

Banner ads are limited only by our creativity. Offer free play in return for e-mail sign up and build your future data base. If you do a good job at designing a landing page tied to each advertisement, your marketing efforts will translate into dollar figures when people sign-up to play with their own money.

I trust this was helpful.
I do not promote any product or service through this site. An honest review is always welcome and appreciated to assist in building my writing portfolio.
Thank you :)

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