Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is the Cost of a Professional Writer

Professional Writing Fee Guidelines

Hiring a professional writer can be a daunting task. If you have it narrowed down to the one you would like to hire, you are one step closer to getting that perfectly targeted article to boost your online traffic.

What is the right price to pay for the services of a professional writer?

Prices for professional writing services range greatly, depending on the skill and experience of the writer you are dealing with. The right price to pay, is one that fits your budget and accomplishes your goals. Here is a general guideline to give you some ideas.

Advertising Material
Copy/Scripts/News Releases
$350 to $500 per page
$750 to $1,000 per project for brochures
$75 to $150 per hour

(articles commissioned by advertisers)
$0.40 to $2 per word
$100 to $3,000 per article
$40 to $100 per hour

Corporate/Business Writing
Reports/ Marketing Plans/ Technical Writing
$1 to $2 per word
$300 to $12,000 per project
$50 to $125 per hour

Varies according to publication/project
$30 to $60 per hour
$500 to $20,000 per project

Ghost Writing
Generally 2-3 times the usual rate
$10,000 to $50,000 flat fee
Entire advance + 50% of royalties

Writing only; layout extra
$0.30 to $1.50 per word
$400 to $6,000 per issue
$50 to $80 per hour

Smaller Community Newspapers
$0.10 to $0.50 per word
$75 to $1,000 per article
$75 to $500 per column

Online/Web Site Writing
Varies widely; "business" sites pay higher
$1 to $3 per word
$60 to $100 per hour

Trade/Special Interest Magazines
$0.30 to $2 per word
$500 to $4,000 per article
$300 to $1,000 per column

Radio (highly variable)
$40 to $80 per minute of script

Television (highly variable)
$60 to $130 per minute of script

Speech Writing
$500 to $8,000 per speech
$60 to $130 per hour

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