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Online Coupons-Preference for Receiving Coupons Electronically is Compelling

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Question: Hello,

I am the VP of marketing of a new and exciting product and I wonder
regarding the effectiveness of online coupons, do think it is an effective
tool, if not , what other methods do you recommend ?
Thank you!

Answer: By Edina, Allexperts Professional Profile.
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The data analytics solutions firm , Perspective found that 95.5 percent
of respondents clip or print coupons, while 62.2 percent clip coupons,
as often
as once a week making electronic coupons effective tool ,
to reach consumers with a brand message.

Leveraging online coupons, can be one of the most effective methods
for making that important connection, that helps marketers attract
the right customers and keep them coming back.

Currently, 58.4 percent of respondents find coupons in newspapers
and magazines, 5.7 percent hunt for coupons online, and 4.4 percent
receive them via email. The preference for receiving coupons
electronically is compelling
. Nearly 22 percent of respondents
want to receive coupons via email, and 9.7 percent want to find
money-saving printables online.

Online Coupons Can Translate to Offline Activity

The key to coupons is targeting. The combined 32 percent of those
who prefer to receive coupons on the Internet and via email jumps
to 55 percent, provided the coupons are specifically tailored to the
interests of the consumer. Targeting your audience properly will
allow you to deliver greater value, and in turn a higher open rate
of your e-mails.

Hope this was helpful.

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